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Cradle of Forest RPG



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Lots of short logs + some Chet .all open if you want to add. Hoa visits Vincent at the church. Juno, Kylie and Wesley make a scary discovery at Historical Society. Cynthia meets Pvt.Savini and F.Sgt Skinner's mission is revealed. Also the situation in Hogwarts.

Hoa was deciding to pay a visit to Vincent. She missed him. Once she was Heather. well life got weird. She knew how to get there and was more than familiar with the entrances.

"Hey Vincent been awhile." She had a bag of goodies ofcourse.

Vincent had been having a time of it, of course. He wasn't sure what to make of his present situation. Curt had been spending time at the church, spending time with him and with Ulf.

With Ulf mostly, since Vincent had come back from seeing Xuchilbara. Vincent was scared the men hated him for what he had done. Fraternizing with the enemy and all...

Alright, more than fraternizing.

But his lovelife was not something that Hoa needed to worry about. "Heather," Vincent said, opening the gate to the rooms in the back of the church, "what brings you to visit my humble little house of worship? Not the ecumenical ambiance, I am sure. Although, you know, if you're feeling particularly Alessa-like, it is the annual Anunciation of Lobsel-Vith this week." Vincent chuckled and indicated his lack of priest robes. He was in fact, dressed in his casual clothes, the ones Curt had found for him that time. The pink shirt was a bit girly, really.

"as you can see, I haven't exactly had time to deck the chapel out, as I doubt anyone is all that interested anyway. Still. If I were doing my job, this'd be the time to deck the place out in yellow banners, and festoon the balconies with the entrails of my next of kin."

Another laugh, this one a bit more relieved. He was slacking in his priestly duties and he could care less. "Since I don't know my family, the slaying of the beloved bloodtie was always something I managed to weasel my way out of anyway."

"I always found that disturbing, but I still take offerings of mixed drinks."Hoa paused, gave a smile and spoke again. "Alessa was such an echo of the past, too wishywashy. I'm glad I'm the better model. Then their is Lauryn makes me look outdated. Weird to think of things that way. Would stage guts work?"

She had spent some time in the jungle. She actually liked it there. "Hey my room still available? I'll be around a few days. The girls can wait for their laundry." Yeah right they already mostly wanted to tear her apart by now.

Vincent gave a slight, formal bow. "Mi casa es su casa. Or whatever that saying would be if I knew the word for church." He shrugged, picked up his candle, and started back down the corridor. "Lock the gate as you come. Most people don't go past the confessionals anyway, but I prefer not to take chances."

"Of course, glad to see you have the church back. " She gave a smile. "life is weird, yet very interesting." She locked the gate. "You know I could fix a trip wire there."
Anybody tries to get in could be caught easier. She thinks. What was she thinking. To much hours in the jungle.

The very idea Claudia kicked them out of their home stil annoyed her. Well now she had a rather large house in the jungle as well. She slept in a tatami room. It was bigger then her tiny room here. Yet she had no complaints. At times she could hear a girl with a bell run by but that was okay. Was her house as much as theirs now. Some times she would play camera tag other times it was "Not now."

"A tripwire huh?" Vincent looked at the area she had indicated, and shook his head. "I don't know. What would it do besides trip whoever? I don't like the idea of sleepwalking over it at night and having a ten ton weight drop on my head."

Juno was looking around the Historical Society. The men had ropemarks around dismembered limbs. Heads strewn around. She winced. There had been no sign of activity and that moment all seemed clear. NOthing was right. It was not all the men dismembered. Some had shot each other. She was face to face with the eyes of one of them. Eyes enraged bloodshot and dead.

She got squeamish and threw up. "What the hell happened here."
This was almost too weird to be real. She was not sure what was going on.

KYlie was in the corner looking spooked.
"My EKG reader is off the charts." She stated. "That is just the residue." She stated. "This was big, bad big ."

Wesley was reading some of the displays in the Historical Society itself.
That the paramilitary group that had been camping here were dead barely interested or phased him. "I'm reading something about a local cult using an underground area known as the 'Owl cave'.." Wesley told the girls, "Apparently these are natural tunnels hollowed out by the tides of the lake. There are several entrances, some of which have been sealed or become unstable due to time and wear and tear.. we may be able to access this one though, in 'Blood Swamp'. Isn't the 'Blood Swamp' dried up, and in the area that's now Rosewater Park?"

"I should explore the tunnels, who knows what we can find." Juno stated. Something new to explore was fun. Dangerous but fun.

"Probably whatever did this, was using the caves to get around" Kylie was speaking as she was checking the energy signatures. Otherwise there would have been signs above. Be careful if you do go down there."

"You're not coming then?" Wesley asked Kylie, "there's a sports shop somewhere in town, I daresay we could find you a bit of climbing gear strong enough to accomodate your ghosthunting gear as well."

"ugh , I guess I'm coming, I really hate climbing." It was not that she could not. Was the idea of having to go below was a pain. "I'll bring the smaller blaster." She stated after. She remembered underground newyork. Having to chase a soul stealer down there.
Messy case plus coming through the sewers to escape was a bit gross.

Juno gave an amused look "You'll love it , caving is a work out. good for your health." Was all she had to say on the subject. It was a bit of a necessary thing of her coming along. She was a ghostbuster and if that was what they had to face it would a tough fight for her and Wesley. Would it not?

"If we can't find some actual history regarding this town we might at least discover a means by which the monsters are coming and going." Wesley reasoned. "if naught else some of our unknown enemies may have found said caves first. If they are using them as some sort of escape route or base, we need to know."

Cynthia looked up to see a running soldier.Camera banging against his chest. She spoke. "Slow down soldier, you'll break your camera."

This sent Tom into a skid. It was them, the girls. Wow, she had jugs.

"I'm a photo journalist maam." He tried to be polite. Obviusly still shaken.

"Figured that." Mitsuku stated. Coming up the path from another angle.
"Lot of dangers here, you need to be more careful."
"What the hell was up there?" He asked still shaken. Did these girls know about that stuff? The buzzed girl had a harder look then usual. Like she knew more then she let on.

the Asian girl seemed to know something. Skinner was right. Not Vietnamese, not chinese, not Korean.So how did she get here?


Some time had passed. Field Sergeant Skinner and the damned war journalist kid were all that were left of the group Skinner had been leading.

He had been all for going back to find out what exactly had happened up there to his men, but the girls that had found them brought them to a safehouse where they had been staying, and there he had found Radar and Captain Pierce.

Pierce had insisted they stay put, and Skinner, barely concealing his rage, had acquiesed to the superior officer's order.

It gave him time to study the captain and his movements and motives, anyway. Just because he had a mission, didn't mean he was going to just do it without question.

He had to know why HQ wanted this man dead.

Radar was finally not the greenest man here. He was telling a story, trying to impress and frighten Pvt. Savini. He showed him his entrenching tool. "...and then, just as the guy came crawling across to see if I was already dead, I took this, and I jammed it in his eye, and I pushed as hard as I could!" He glanced at the girls, hoping he wasn't scaring them too much.

At the realisation he might, he sat down. Calmed down. "And that's how I got this knife." he said, showing off a VC knife now. The story was not true; he had won it at a game of cards. People assumed looking at him that Radar was an inexperienced poker player, and it had won him many an amusing item, really.

"So, this your harem as well?" Tom asked a little nervous. Some guys had all the luck. that little guy with all the women around him. He was a jungle king. Can never tell just by looking at them, can you?

That caught Radar by surprise and he almost blushed- almost. "Those girls? Oh, they were from a travelling show. Entertain the troops." He said, carefully not answering the question. "I keep an eye on them when they go swimming and stuff. Make sure nothing bad happens to them. You know," Radar lowered his tone confidentially, "there are a lot of dangers in these jungles."

"I see RCO, glad to see they got a brave guy watching over them. Many guys would be envius of your position." Tom had to give a smile at that. This guy might as well been a jungle king. He has women and this town. Later living in hollywood he would tell these stories to Robert Altman and Francis Ford Coppola. How these directors interpreted these stories were a mystery even to Tom.

He took alook at the odd camera. "Nice camera can I try it?"

"Cynthia looked up and noticed what he was holding. "Oh go ahead, we just found it, we also found some film for it.

Tom was all over it loading the camera and was like a kid at christmas. He loved cameras and this one looked fun.

Mitsuku was stretching a moment. That skiddish kid went by again. It was just his legs that had been most apparent. She was use to that.

"Did I just see that?" Tom stated. He watched the picture come out.He watched the picture develop.

That is when Sadako appeaared. Walking through the wall. "Yeah, there are ghosts." Tom yelped and jump back. Like a girl, and wide open mouthed. "ahhhhhh"

"Yeah boo, scary ghost." She reformed into Maes form. She had herself rebirthed through Mae. This killed Mae but that was how it was. So hard to stay in ghost form at times.
The town seemed to like her better that way. She had to conserve energy and keep the town from marking her.

"The place is a santcuary for certain ghosts as well, ones who don't want to be enslaved by the town. Or have their chi drained." Sadako stated.

"Yeah, right so ghosts , ok I'll have to adapt." Tom stated Still trying to digest her words. Would explain the long haired crawling girl. This would make a good horror film, he thought for a moment.

The pink sweatered woman gave a smile as she looked at the people. The merriest of smiles. From behind a barrier spell she gave a wink and the doors crashed open. She looked at the people about the community.

"You're leaving us to die?" They questioned. She insisted on no wands at the meeting. Except her people smuggled theirs in. The zombies broke through and she did not watch the people she screwed over get torn apart and eaten.

"Deal kept, captain Wesker." Dolores Umbridge stated.

Meanwhile Luna was at a house slinging fire spells at zombies getting to close. Trying to protect surviving town folk. some of the the ones Igor had sent she had heard about. On this town border she was helping keep the defence up. So far no Aurors had come to help. It was town folk and some others.

Yoko was loading her machine pistol and taking shots as well. These had some magic as well. Wands got tossed aside from defenders. They had to keep up their counter charms. She was having to wear protections to be in this battle.

Not only were the enemy determined to eat brains. These had been magic students. Stupefy spells meant getting eaten.
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