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Cradle of Forest RPG

Pip in Virginia Land

Pip in Virginia Land

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How does one find a pirate? She tried to think of earth history. The Radio was talking about the death of the Fo fighters. She liked the Foo fighters, not quite sure how they decided to have that name though. any way adeath of a famous person or persons could get people a bit jumpy.

Pirates like water right. there had to be some place to go. He would be interested in. She was sticking out like a sore thimb. To be a blueish grayish girl was not explainable. I was here for the Sci Fi con might not work in this case. Chiana still had a lot to learn about humans.

She temembered the credit card they gave her. She wondered if it was still good. As john pointed out it could be not that it would be relivent out there. At the rate they screw up the paperwork.
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